Nov 25, 2013

Shopping Tips for Buying an iPad Keyboard

Buying iPad Keyboard - Shopping Tips
Ever since the introduction of the iPad into the market, more gadget and electronic companies have been releasing their versions of the iPad accessories and keyboards. iPad keyboards are not strictly necessary because iPads actually have inbuilt large touch screens which can act as virtual keyboards. However, most iPad users usually prefer to use a physical keyboard. This is because with a physical keyboard, you can type faster than typing on the virtual one. Now considering all the keyboards currently on the market, which one should you choose? Which iPad keyboards are the best? Saying the best brand of the keyboard is not easy because each has its own pros and cons. Here we will provide you some shopping tips for buying an iPad Keyboard. The following are some of the factors that you should consider before buying.

Size and spacing of keys

The common problem with most iPad Bluetooth keyboards is the fact that they tend to be small. As far as this improves portability, the smallness results in smaller keys, hence cramped typing. This then defeats the need for getting a keyboard for the iPad. Before buying the keyboard, you should do a demo typing test and check whether the keyboard provides comfort when being used. Your fingers should easily rest on the keys; hence a good keyboard should have keys that are slightly grooved. A good iPad Bluetooth keyboard should have enough space between keys so that two keys are not pressed accidentally.


This is actually the most important aspect that should be considered when selecting iPad accessories and iPad keyboards. Most universal keyboards are configured for Windows, and not Mac. Whereas iOS is not really Mac OS, it is actually closer to Windows. Such things as Windows Keys waste a lot of space when pairing with iOS devices. You should ensure that the keyboard you intend to buy has Mac compatibility. While some docks derive power from the iPad itself, the Bluetooth keyboards use battery power. Some come with the normal AA batteries that can be easily replaced, while some have lithium batteries that are recharged using a USB port. The lithium ones are preferred because they perform faster.

Keyboard Cost

Let’s face the reality here. If an iPad Bluetooth keyboard is too expensive, chances are high that you will not buy it, but in case you do, you might end up regretting if you find a cheaper keyboard with better features. Some keyboards are so expensive that they almost cost the same with 32GB iPods. However, if you intend to be using the keyboard regularly, it is justifiable to buy a not so cheap one. But if your keyboard is going to be used rarely, it would be advisable to buy a cheap one.


Portability is another very important factor when considering iPad accessories. A good iPad keyboard should not be too big and clumsy because there will be no need of using it. A good iPad keyboards should be fit and light enough to be carried around. If the keyboard is heavy, then the use of a laptop would be much better.

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