Sep 5, 2013

How to Repair a Record Player (Turntable) Drive Belt

How to repair turntale (record player) drive belt Being able to quickly and easily do maintenance work on your own record player can save you a good deal of money and allow you to gain a deeper respect for the beautiful sound of vinyl records. If your record player doesn’t spin properly, or at all, then chances are you may only need to repair the drive belt. Repairing a record drive belt is a safe process and also probably something that you should be familiar with if you plan on owning a record player for a long time or purchasing a used player that may not be up to date on maintenance. So let’s begin our guide about how to repair a record player drive belt. 

Obviously you will want to first unplug everything so that there is no power running to your player. Start out by removing the turntable platter by slowly sliding out the c-clamp that is holding it in place with the rest of the player. It is a small piece in the center of the player. Carefully lift the platter up so as to not lose any small pieces that may roll off to the sides. The drive belt will be attached to either the bottom end of the platter or on the pulley located at the base of the turntable. Gently slide the belt off if you notice any damages or feel you may have a faulty belt. If you take a closer look at the bottom end of the platter, there are two posts on opposite ends of the outside ring. If you’re using the same drive belt, you can carefully stretch the drive belt around the inner circle of the platter and then attach the other end to one of the posts. After you have done this, then mark the area where the belt is attached to the post and slowly lower the platter onto the drive motor at the spot where you marked the post that holds the end of the drive belt. After you have done this, give the platter a few turns until it pops off, once it pops off it will now be connected to the drive motor. To test if the belt attached to the motor, you will want to plug the record player back in and activate the motor. If the platter doesn’t start spinning properly, then that means the belt didn’t make it onto the motor and you will need to repeat the process again until it works.

The video below will show you How to repair a record player driver belt - the same procedure detailed in this blog post.


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