Jun 9, 2013

Wireless Compact Portable Speakers for Outdoor Use Launched at AudioBuys

Discovery Expedition Outdoor Indoor Portable Wireless Speaker Se
Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Speaker Set
Bring high quality sound everywhere you go with this Discovery Expedition Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker Set. This speaker set is great for both indoors or outdoors use in bedrooms, kitchen, garage, patio, pool decks, picnics and more. Both speakers have rust-resistant grills which are ideal for outdoor use. This speaker set includes two 3- watt speakers, transmitter and line-in cable.

Although the speakers have a compact and portable design, that does not compensate for the loud and powerful sound generated by this speaker. This powerful speaker set can wirelessly transmit music from your MP3 Player, iPod, Smartphone, iPad, CD Player and other audio sources with audio out connection. So although your iPod or other audio device may be inside the house, you can still listed to iPod music on your patio or deck. You will only bring the speakers along with you and the transmitter and the audio device does not need to go along with you. Moreover, both speakers can be placed in different locations. Wow. So your transmitter and audio source can remain in the bedroom which one speaker in your family room and another in the kitchen. Alternatively you can also connect the speaker directly to an audio source such as MP3 Player, iPod, CD player, etc. With a stylish, modern design and components illuminated in rich  cobalt blue LED light the Discovery Expedition Speaker Set matches any decor. 

Wireless Compact Portable Speakers for Outdoor Use Launched at AudioBuys


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