Apr 2, 2013

How To Connect Your PHONE to Your CAR STEREO?

Connecting Phone to Car Stereo

Listening to your choice of music on the go has never been easier with the variety of solutions now available using the popular smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or the Apple iPhone. But what do you do if you want to listen to that same choice of your favourite tunes while you are driving? Well, the good news is that there are several excellent ways to enjoy the music stored on your smartphone via your car's stereo. In general terms these are available no matter whether you have an iPhone or whether you prefer an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy or HTC. There are 2 options available for connecting your phone to your car stereo.

Wireless Connection:

In the first instance you could listen to your music collection via Bluetooth, essentially by pairing up your smartphone with your car stereo. Set up is pretty simple and usually only needs to be done once, so long as Bluetooth remains active. The major disadvantage of streaming your music via Bluetooth is that it places heavy demands on your smartphone battery, which means that it may be necessary to have your phone constantly charging on a longer journey, somewhat negating the advantage of a wireless connection in the first place.

Wired Connection:

If a wireless connection is not the answer, or if you are looking for better sound quality, then you could connect your smartphone to your vehicle stereo by means of a USB or Audio Aux cable. For music lovers this offers the compelling advantage of a pure digital connection, meaning you will enjoy better quality sound reproduction direct via your car stereos digital/analogue converter, effectively bypassing  your phone’s output to play your music at its best.

In addition to the above methods, if you are an iPhone user, there are also many "made-for-iPhone" solutions available on the market as well, both as standalone products and also as accessories offered by a range of motor vehicle manufacturers.


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