Jan 10, 2013

The Classic Tesslor Radio is our Top Pick for Performance

If you are looking for the best performing radio, this Tesslor radio is the unit to own. This radio has been selected as the top pick for performance by Classic Buys. It has surpassed performance of some other competitive brands sold at Classic Buys such as Teac, Crosley and Emerson radios. Many of these other brands cannot compete in sound quality as they are mass produced and do not not have superior Vacuum Tube Sound Technology that you will find in this Tesslor Radio.

You will have to pay a high cost of almost $399.95 to owe this radio however the cost is worth the sound quality that you will get in return. According to Classic Buys, Tesslor strives to produce the best sounding classic tube radio receivers available anywhere. Apart from its performance, this unis also have an outstanding classical design. The radios dark toned cabinet itself is hand crafted and finished using MDF materials in a manner similar to the hand finishing found in radios produced in the 1950's. The finish is evocative of the deep lacquered finish you’d find on a classic radio.

Combined with vacuum tube pre-amplification and final amplification, this Tesslor Radio produces an uncommon level of audio performance not found in modern radios. Inspired by the classic radios of the 1940′s, 50′s and early 60′s, like Grundig, Telefunken and Nordmende, the Tesslor 601 is unlike any mass produced AM/FM receiver you’ll find.

For more details on this radio you can visit the Tesslor AM/FM Radio with Vacuum Tube Sound Technology page on Classic Buys.


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