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Feel like the 70s with the Modern Day Touch of Retro Audio

Looking for a retro touch with modern day features? the retro line of audio at ClassicBuys.net offers beautifully designed systems that combines the most modern features such as iPod dock and UPS ports with "old school" look and feel.

The iLuv Vertical 4 CD Audio System with iPod Dock

This iLuv vertical cd player with 2.1 channel speakers and integrated universal iPod dock offers stylish versatility and rich powerful sound for your favorite music. Play up to 4 cd's or MP3 cd's, slotmusic from your USB flash card or SD/MMC drive, and iPhone/iPod.

Vist AudioBuys.net to purchase top reviewed Home Audio

Shop online for a wide selection of home audio including home stereo systems, CD and MP3 players, boombox, turntable systems, retro audio and much more. Avail their store wide discounted shipping offer.

Top pick for Wireless Speakers with Advanced Hi-Fi Sound

With great features like 200ft transmission range, multiple speaker support and Advanced hi-fi sound with Channel Purity, this is our top pick for wireless speakers.

Mar 11, 2015

Where can I buy the Sony DVDirect DVD Recorders Online?

Sony DVDirect allows you to record from Sony Camcorders to the Discs and various other media. If you are looking for Sony DVDirect Recorder you can find mainly 3 different models available:

Sony DVDirect DVD Recorder with 2.5
Sony DVDirect DVD Recorder Model VRD-MC5
For Sale at AudioBuys.net 
Price: $309.99

Sony DVD Recorder DVDirect VRD-MC6 DVD Burner w/ 2.7" Screen & AVCHD Recording
Sony DVDirect DVD Recorder Model VRD-MC6
For Sale at TMGDeals.com
Price: $599.99

 Sony DVDirect Blu-Ray & DVD RECORDER Model VBD-MA1
Sony DVDirect Blu-Ray & DVD RECORDER Model VBD-MA1
For Sale at AudioBuys.net
Price $743.00

The VBD-MA1 is the most superior model of them all and offer both Blu-Ray and DVD recording. This is also Sony's latest external and autonomous Blu-ray / DVD recorder allows you to copy directly from your video camera or camera via its USB. From video tapes to digital images, this recorder preserves your memories quickly and easily. Simply plug your video camera to this Blu-ray / DVD recorder and you can create your video on a Blu-rays or DVDs Disc within second without a PC or laptop.

All three models offer AVCHD recording. AVCHD is a recording format used by some digital video camcorders for recording high-definition (HD) video. It provides the ability to record personal HD footage directly to a 3-inch (8cm) DVD media, Memory Stick Pro Duo media, or hard disk drive in a camcorder. 

There are some other DVDirect Series models which have been discontinued and no longer available. They include Model VRD-MC1, VRD-MC10, VRD-MC5, VRD-P1, VRD-VC10, VRD-VC20 and VRD-VC30.

Nov 25, 2013

Shopping Tips for Buying an iPad Keyboard

Buying iPad Keyboard - Shopping Tips
Ever since the introduction of the iPad into the market, more gadget and electronic companies have been releasing their versions of the iPad accessories and keyboards. iPad keyboards are not strictly necessary because iPads actually have inbuilt large touch screens which can act as virtual keyboards. However, most iPad users usually prefer to use a physical keyboard. This is because with a physical keyboard, you can type faster than typing on the virtual one. Now considering all the keyboards currently on the market, which one should you choose? Which iPad keyboards are the best? Saying the best brand of the keyboard is not easy because each has its own pros and cons. Here we will provide you some shopping tips for buying an iPad Keyboard. The following are some of the factors that you should consider before buying.

Size and spacing of keys

The common problem with most iPad Bluetooth keyboards is the fact that they tend to be small. As far as this improves portability, the smallness results in smaller keys, hence cramped typing. This then defeats the need for getting a keyboard for the iPad. Before buying the keyboard, you should do a demo typing test and check whether the keyboard provides comfort when being used. Your fingers should easily rest on the keys; hence a good keyboard should have keys that are slightly grooved. A good iPad Bluetooth keyboard should have enough space between keys so that two keys are not pressed accidentally.


This is actually the most important aspect that should be considered when selecting iPad accessories and iPad keyboards. Most universal keyboards are configured for Windows, and not Mac. Whereas iOS is not really Mac OS, it is actually closer to Windows. Such things as Windows Keys waste a lot of space when pairing with iOS devices. You should ensure that the keyboard you intend to buy has Mac compatibility. While some docks derive power from the iPad itself, the Bluetooth keyboards use battery power. Some come with the normal AA batteries that can be easily replaced, while some have lithium batteries that are recharged using a USB port. The lithium ones are preferred because they perform faster.

Keyboard Cost

Let’s face the reality here. If an iPad Bluetooth keyboard is too expensive, chances are high that you will not buy it, but in case you do, you might end up regretting if you find a cheaper keyboard with better features. Some keyboards are so expensive that they almost cost the same with 32GB iPods. However, if you intend to be using the keyboard regularly, it is justifiable to buy a not so cheap one. But if your keyboard is going to be used rarely, it would be advisable to buy a cheap one.


Portability is another very important factor when considering iPad accessories. A good iPad keyboard should not be too big and clumsy because there will be no need of using it. A good iPad keyboards should be fit and light enough to be carried around. If the keyboard is heavy, then the use of a laptop would be much better.

Author bio

Sleron is a life-loving girl, in particular, she likes fresh things and work in New York. Sleron has a lot of friends. Like to focus on amateur blog on tech products, so she Looking forward to the arrival of Android tablets.

Sep 26, 2013

Philips Retro Audio System with iPod Dock & Dual Alarm Clock Radio

This NEW original radio carries forward the iconic elements of the legendary 1955 Philips radio. At the time this compact radio wowed its audiences with simplicity design, big sound and crystal clear reception. Apart from other outstanding features, this Philips Retro Radio lets you enjoy your favorite MP3 music while charging your iPod/iPhone! The dock lets you connect your portable device directly to the Docking entertainment system so you can listen to your favorite music in superb sound. This classic looking retro design will truly inspire your indoor decor when placed in any corner of your home or office room.  Here are some other outstanding features offered by this Philips Original Retro Mini Audio System

  • Free HomeStudio app for enhanced wake-up & radio experiences
  • Dual alarm to wake you and your partner at different times
  • Play and charge your iPod / iPhone simultaneously
  • Dock any iPod/iPhone, even in its case
  • Audio-in for easy portable music playback
  • Auto clock synchronization with iPod/iPhone when docked
  • Sleep timer for easy falling asleep to your favorite music
  • FM digital tuning
  • Classical Retro Design
  • Cream / Black Color
  • Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

This Philips Radio is available for sale at this online store location. It is brand new and ships within 24 hours of ordering.

Sep 5, 2013

How to Repair a Record Player (Turntable) Drive Belt

How to repair turntale (record player) drive belt Being able to quickly and easily do maintenance work on your own record player can save you a good deal of money and allow you to gain a deeper respect for the beautiful sound of vinyl records. If your record player doesn’t spin properly, or at all, then chances are you may only need to repair the drive belt. Repairing a record drive belt is a safe process and also probably something that you should be familiar with if you plan on owning a record player for a long time or purchasing a used player that may not be up to date on maintenance. So let’s begin our guide about how to repair a record player drive belt. 

Obviously you will want to first unplug everything so that there is no power running to your player. Start out by removing the turntable platter by slowly sliding out the c-clamp that is holding it in place with the rest of the player. It is a small piece in the center of the player. Carefully lift the platter up so as to not lose any small pieces that may roll off to the sides. The drive belt will be attached to either the bottom end of the platter or on the pulley located at the base of the turntable. Gently slide the belt off if you notice any damages or feel you may have a faulty belt. If you take a closer look at the bottom end of the platter, there are two posts on opposite ends of the outside ring. If you’re using the same drive belt, you can carefully stretch the drive belt around the inner circle of the platter and then attach the other end to one of the posts. After you have done this, then mark the area where the belt is attached to the post and slowly lower the platter onto the drive motor at the spot where you marked the post that holds the end of the drive belt. After you have done this, give the platter a few turns until it pops off, once it pops off it will now be connected to the drive motor. To test if the belt attached to the motor, you will want to plug the record player back in and activate the motor. If the platter doesn’t start spinning properly, then that means the belt didn’t make it onto the motor and you will need to repeat the process again until it works.

The video below will show you How to repair a record player driver belt - the same procedure detailed in this blog post.

Jun 9, 2013

Wireless Compact Portable Speakers for Outdoor Use Launched at AudioBuys

Discovery Expedition Outdoor Indoor Portable Wireless Speaker Se
Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Speaker Set
Bring high quality sound everywhere you go with this Discovery Expedition Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker Set. This speaker set is great for both indoors or outdoors use in bedrooms, kitchen, garage, patio, pool decks, picnics and more. Both speakers have rust-resistant grills which are ideal for outdoor use. This speaker set includes two 3- watt speakers, transmitter and line-in cable.

Although the speakers have a compact and portable design, that does not compensate for the loud and powerful sound generated by this speaker. This powerful speaker set can wirelessly transmit music from your MP3 Player, iPod, Smartphone, iPad, CD Player and other audio sources with audio out connection. So although your iPod or other audio device may be inside the house, you can still listed to iPod music on your patio or deck. You will only bring the speakers along with you and the transmitter and the audio device does not need to go along with you. Moreover, both speakers can be placed in different locations. Wow. So your transmitter and audio source can remain in the bedroom which one speaker in your family room and another in the kitchen. Alternatively you can also connect the speaker directly to an audio source such as MP3 Player, iPod, CD player, etc. With a stylish, modern design and components illuminated in rich  cobalt blue LED light the Discovery Expedition Speaker Set matches any decor. 

Wireless Compact Portable Speakers for Outdoor Use Launched at AudioBuys

Apr 2, 2013

How To Connect Your PHONE to Your CAR STEREO?

Connecting Phone to Car Stereo

Listening to your choice of music on the go has never been easier with the variety of solutions now available using the popular bluetooth car kit or smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or the Apple iPhone. But what do you do if you want to listen to that same choice of your favourite tunes while you are driving? Well, the good news is that there are several excellent ways to enjoy the music stored on your smartphone via your car's stereo. In general terms these are available no matter whether you have an iPhone or whether you prefer an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy or HTC. There are 2 options available for connecting your phone to your car stereo.

Wireless Connection:

In the first instance you could listen to your music collection via Bluetooth, essentially by pairing up your smartphone with your car stereo. Set up is pretty simple and usually only needs to be done once, so long as Bluetooth remains active. The major disadvantage of streaming your music via Bluetooth is that it places heavy demands on your smartphone battery, which means that it may be necessary to have your phone constantly charging on a longer journey, somewhat negating the advantage of a wireless connection in the first place.

Wired Connection:

If a wireless connection is not the answer, or if you are looking for better sound quality, then you could connect your smartphone to your vehicle stereo by means of a USB or Audio Aux cable. For music lovers this offers the compelling advantage of a pure digital connection, meaning you will enjoy better quality sound reproduction direct via your car stereos digital/analogue converter, effectively bypassing  your phone’s output to play your music at its best.

In addition to the above methods, if you are an iPhone user, there are also many "made-for-iPhone" solutions available on the market as well, both as standalone products and also as accessories offered by a range of motor vehicle manufacturers.

Feb 21, 2013

Wondering if you can still buy a cassette player online?

1970s Style AM/FM/ShortWave Radio Cassette Player
Modern Cassette Player
Do you remember back to the Seventies and early Eighties when the must-have gadget for listening to your favourite music gradually starting moving away from LPs to the more portable, lightweight and easy-to-handle cassette tape? In the mid Seventies there was even a brief flirtation with the eight-track cartridge – in retrospect the Betamax of the music cassette world – but it’s popularity was short-lived and soon gave way to the slim cassette tape we are all familiar with. Cassettes reached the height of their popularity with the advent of in-car cassette players and portable players such as the Sony Walkman which meant you could access all of you music on the move. However, technology moves on inexorably and soon cassettes were on the way out, replaced in turn by compact discs.

So where does that leave you if you have lots of cassette tapes of your favourite artists? You can’t play them on your CD player or stream them via the internet. Fortunately, there are still a number of specialist retailers, particularly online, that stock an extensive range of top quality, modern, state-of-the-art audio equipment on which you can play your treasured cassettes, from whom you can buy a cassette player to meet your needs. Some of these may be stand-alone devices by cutting edge manufacturers, but if you are not sure you can justify the expense of buying audio equipment just to play your old cassette collection, why not invest in an audio system on which you can play a variety of different formats, from cassettes to CDs and even MP3s. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Jan 10, 2013

The Classic Tesslor Radio is our Top Pick for Performance

If you are looking for the best performing radio, this Tesslor radio is the unit to own. This radio has been selected as the top pick for performance by Classic Buys. It has surpassed performance of some other competitive brands sold at Classic Buys such as Teac, Crosley and Emerson radios. Many of these other brands cannot compete in sound quality as they are mass produced and do not not have superior Vacuum Tube Sound Technology that you will find in this Tesslor Radio.

You will have to pay a high cost of almost $399.95 to owe this radio however the cost is worth the sound quality that you will get in return. According to Classic Buys, Tesslor strives to produce the best sounding classic tube radio receivers available anywhere. Apart from its performance, this unis also have an outstanding classical design. The radios dark toned cabinet itself is hand crafted and finished using MDF materials in a manner similar to the hand finishing found in radios produced in the 1950's. The finish is evocative of the deep lacquered finish you’d find on a classic radio.

Combined with vacuum tube pre-amplification and final amplification, this Tesslor Radio produces an uncommon level of audio performance not found in modern radios. Inspired by the classic radios of the 1940′s, 50′s and early 60′s, like Grundig, Telefunken and Nordmende, the Tesslor 601 is unlike any mass produced AM/FM receiver you’ll find.

For more details on this radio you can visit the Tesslor AM/FM Radio with Vacuum Tube Sound Technology page on Classic Buys.

Nov 13, 2012

Christmas Holiday Extended Returns on All Crosley Turntables

Once again this year Audio Buys and Classic Buys have extended the terms of their return policies to cover any Crosley Turntable and other Crosley products purchased after November 1, 2012. They sell a wide selection of Crosley Turntables and other Crosley products including Entertainment Centers, Retro Radios, Jukeboxes and  Telephones. These Crosley products have been a very popular Christmas Gift items season after season.

For all Crosley products purchased between November 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012, they will accept returns for either repair or replacement, as well as refund credit, until January 31, 2013. This extension allows buyers the benefit of a "Holiday Return Policy". Most gifts purchased in November and December are not opened until Christmas. Under our standard policy, many orders placed in November and early December may be too large to return. However now you have until January 31st to return all products. The policy extension is intended to provide your customers peace-of-mind in the event their holiday gifts arrive defective, damaged or they are returned by the recipient.  This "Holiday Extension" applies to both the "No Hassle"  warranty, as well as the non-defective or non-damaged product policy.  As a reminder, all Crosley products sold at both Audio Buys and Classic Buys are covered by Crosley's one-year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.

 Christmas Holiday Extended Returns on All Crosley Turntables

Oct 17, 2012

Online Stores that will ship Home Theaters to Canada

Home Theater Stores that will ship to Canada
Home Theater Stores that will Ship to Canada >>
Are you in Canada and shopping for Home Theaters Systems? We get many inquiries from Canadian buyers asking for Home Theater store references. So we decided to create this blog post to help you start your search.

Once you start your online search you will find hundreds of stores offering a wide selection of home theaters but many stores will not ship to Canada. Moreover the selection of Home Theater Systems in Canada are limited and often very highly priced compared to US based stores. Due to the shipping size, warranty issues, lack of competition and Canadian custom regulations, many US online stores do not ship Home Theaters to Canada.

So your best bet would be to find a Canada based store. You can find a list of Home Theater stores at the Home Theater webpage of CyberShopping.ca. These links will take you directly to the Home Theater section on these stores. Most of these stores are Canada based and will also ship from Canada. You will find some popular store listings such as Sony Style and Bose Canada. Some other popular Canadian stores that are not listed here include FutureShop.ca, BestBuys.ca and Crutchfiled.ca 

CyberShopping.ca is not only about Home Theaters. You will also find other audio related categories such as Home Audio, Turntables, MP3 Player, TV & Video and Audio Video Furniture. They are a directory style online mall that offers a categorized listing of over 2000 approved & verified stores in multiple product categories. Apart from store listings, you will also find store reviews, user ratings, webmaster recommended sites coupons and shopping deals. All store listing are also regularly verified by their webmaster and updated for description, URL and title accuracy. With all these helpful features there is not doubt that CyberShopping.ca had made it very easy for your to find products and stores in Canada. Hopefully you can now start the speed search for your Home Theater in Canada.

Sep 6, 2012

Benefits of Wholesaling vs Dropshipping Electronics for Online Resellers

Electronic Products Warehouse

If you are an electronics online seller you may be aware of 2 popular methods to sell  products. You can buy in wholesale or dropship products direct to your buyers. There are pros and cost for each method and as a retail business with experience with both these methods, we have picked wholesaling over dropshipping.

Buying in wholesale requires you buy products in bulk from a wholesaler and resell those products in smaller quantities. The unit cost that you pay for the wholesale order is often much less than the unit cost you sell the item for. This difference in unit cost allows you to make a significantly large profit for each sale.
Dropshipping is another process where you sell our products and the supply or dropship company will fulfill the order for you. You will sell the product for a higher cost than what the supply company will charge you. This difference in unit cost allows you to make a small profit for each sale.

Cons of Dropshipping
  • Supply companies will not charge you real wholesale prices. Your profit margin is reduced.
  • Dropship prices are often higher than wholesale prices. In todays competative online retail environment you may not be able to compete with other retailers. We have often noticed that some retail prices on sites like eBay are even lower than what dropship companies are offering.
  • Your customer response time and order processing time will be higher. There will often be delay in shipping as your order will be first processed by you and then by your dropship companies. You will also often reply on dropship companies to answer customer queries which may increase the response time.
Pros of Wholesaling:
  • Wholesale companies will charge you real wholesale prices. Your profit margin is increased.
  • The profit martin will be substantial for you to competitive with other online retailers
  • You can respond to customer inquiries and ship out orders faster - for the key reason being that you control the inventory and you don't need to rely on another company for inventory status, shipping status, product information, etc.
 Although our emphasis is on electronics such as as home audio, TV, mobile phone and GPS systems, these cons and pros and standard for most product types. Other online retailers who sell furniture, books, cosmetics, home decor and other products will face the similar situation.

For these reasons, if you are an online retail company looking to for electronics product to resell, we would suggest that you wholesale products instead of getting them dropshipped. The most important reason is that than when you buy wholesale you can true wholesale prices. In todays competitive online marketplace your selling price is the most important part of a shoppers buying decision. Electronics and other online resellers and refer to the  Wholesale and Dropshipper Directory to find both dropshippers and wholesalers.

Jun 30, 2012

Google's New Nexus 7 Tablet is now back in stock and selling online

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet
Nexus 7 Tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
Googles recently unveiled the Nexus 7 Tablet, a seven-inch tablet powered by the latest Android 4.1 operating system (Jelly Bean). This high demand tablet is now back in stock. It features a a quad-core CPU and 8GB of internal storage and is selling online for US $199 (8GB Model) -- the same screen size and price as Amazon's Kindle Fire. This tablet was launched in stores Mid July 2012. The upgraded 16 GB model is selling online for $249.

This Nexus 7 Tablet is a no compromise tablet that's designed to go where you go. With a sophisticated design, stunning 7 inch display, powerful quad-core processor and up to 8 hours of battery life during active use, Nexus 7 was built to bring you the best of Google in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in your hand.

Nexus 7 comes with all your favorite Google Apps - like Gmail, Chrome, Google+ and YouTube - putting the best of Google in the palm of your hand. Easy to use apps stay in sync automatically across your tablet, phone and PC. With tons of free cloud storage and features you'll find nowhere else, Nexus 7 brings the best of Google together in one simple, beautiful device.

Google's Android software is the No. 1 operating system for smartphones, with about 1 million Android devices getting activated every day. But it has struggled to compete with Apple's iPad in the market for tablets, largely because it lags far be-hind Apple and Amazon in terms of available content and tablet-specific applications, such as games.

Google also unveiled a "cloud computer" for the living room called Nexus Q, designed to stream music and videos to the television from your Google devices. The compnay called it the world's first "social streaming device," and is selling it for $299

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